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DR PETER KWAIRA is the senior lecturer at the department of Art, Design and Technology Education at the University of Zimbabwe. Initiated and launched a research group for technical subject teachers in Zimbabwe (Coordinated and housed within the Department of Art Design and Technology Education at the University of Zimbabwe). Since 2005, I have been running a personal research station with the help (in form of consultation and collaboration) of newly resettled farmers in Makonde Rural District, north- west of Zimbabwe. The main activity has been problem-solving through innovation and research at various community levels. Initially, focus was on projects relating to food processing and production, commencing with activities at Long-Valley Farm, where the lives of so many families were touched and revived at a time when the whole country was going through the most difficult period in living memory, from a politico-socio-economic perspective (the years, 2000 to 2008). The project is on-going and today, again with the help of the community, it has secured a permanent centre at Muungwe Farm in the same neighbourhood with Long-Valley Farm. Boasting of a quarter acre for a homestead and about six hectares of farm land, the idea is to establish a working model (set-up) to demonstrate how an A1 Farm Model can be successfully developed into a viable, productive and self-contained (manageable) business venture for the sake of sustainable development. In this case, the main idea would be to promote the ideals of value addition on farm produce. Since 2005, a few reports and publications have come out of the whole project and one sees the possibility more in due course. This is where he came out with his talk topic “Education for Liberation”- freeing the mind of people to innovation. A Critical Need as Zimbabwe Ventures into the Deep Waters of an unknown Future. 2002 to 2008 – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) with the University of the Western Cape in South Africa, specializing in Science and Technology Education. 1987 to 1989 – Master of Arts in Technical Education with the University of Linkoping in Sweden, specializing in; Industrial Arts, Design & Technology, Material Science, Metal Technology, Foundry Technology and Research Methodology. 1985 to 1987 – Bachelor of Education Degree with the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, specializing in Craft, Design & Technology (CDT) and the Philosophy of Education. 1981 to 1983 – Certificate in Education with the University of Zimbabwe, specializing in technical subjects (Woodwork, Metalwork and Technical Drawing). This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx


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