Ted Event Background

TED Conference is a knowledge-sharing platform, TED attracts leaders from across the world.

Event Talk Ideas

Do you have an innovation, invention or idea that has made a mark in the world, or perhaps something that most people are not aware of? The TEDx Borrowdale community loves these types of talks, as they pique our interest, and we want to understand how the idea evolved and the challenges that you went through to birth this idea.
In TEDx Borrowdale we had performances such as poetry, steel band, dancing, marimba and even a hip-hop orchestra. These are not only captivating to watch, but also ensure that the events program is varied and add salt to the idea’s worth sharing. It reminds me that, the ‘E’ in TED stands for entertainment.
These are the types of talks where people share ideas about social change, in either their community, culture or society that will have a profound impact. Share how you came up with this idea, what happened that first spurred this idea and how it developed to fruition. Lastly and most importantly, why should the audience care and what can they do with what you are sharing with them?
What did you discover that is different, unique and thought provoking? Talk about the journey of this discovery. You can discuss the why, what, how and where. What did you discover, where did you discover it, why is this important to listeners, and how can we make a difference with this information? Take us on the adventure with you.

TEDx Borrowdale 2023


Reflecting The Heart Of Our community

We curate in order to share ideas that resonate globally. We collaborate inorder to forge lasting communal memories. And we convene in order togenerate grassroots impact. Reflecting the heart of our community: intention.“TEDx Borrowdale with Intention”

Future Re-Imagined

As humans live longer and as the pace of innovation continues unabated, a dynamic digital future lies ahead for the next generation. What possibilities and opportunities will come with tomorrow’s technological advancements—for both people and for enterprises? And just as important, where does your organization and country fit in? How will you respond in the face of constant disruption? It is time to reimagine everything. TEDx Borrowdale is a platform for ideas worth sharing in which speakers from different backgrounds seek to bring together our passion for change, different experiences and deep respect for each other’s work and facilitate sustainable transitions to future re-imagined.

Gcinithemba Sherilyn Maphosa

Miranda Chidemo

Herohide Sasakawa

James Skinner

John Reign Shangwa

Kenichi Takesue

Yu Osuka

Viola Dondo

Vera Faria

Akihisa Mukai

Sayaka Miura

Lun Lun

Toshitaka Mochizuki